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GDGJE and GZDE Open a New Era for China-India Jewelry Industries


From August 4 to 8, 2016, the "India International Jewellery Show"(IIJS), the most important international trade event in India's jewellery industry, took place in Mumbai. At the invitation of Gem and Jewellery Export Promotion Council (GJEPC), Guangdong Gems & Jade Exchange (GDGJE) and Guangzhou Diamond Exchange(GZDE) participated in the event in association with some diamond and jewelry traders from Panyu District, Guangzhou.

Upon approval by India's Ministry of Commerce and Ministry of Foreign Affairs, GJEPC signed an MOU with GDGJE, GZDE and De Beers respectively at the opening ceremony of IIJS, turning into a major international cooperation project of India's diamond & jewellery industry this year. Chairman Mr. Shankar Pandya and Executive Director Mr. Sabyasachi Ray of GJEPC signed the MOUs. Mr. Russell Mehta, Joint Secretary of India's Ministry of Commerce, Mr. Brue Cleaver, CEO of De Beers, as well as nearly 200 representatives from Indian and international diamond & jewellery enterprises and media witnessed the signing ceremony. The signing of the MOUs will establish a bilateral long-term exchange and cooperation mechanism for the development of China's and India's diamond & jewelry industries, marking a new stage for the trade cooperation between the two sides.

Mr. Zhu Yongsheng, Chairman of GDGJE, signs the MOU with Mr. Shankar Pandya, Chairman of GJEPC
Mr. Liang Weizhang, General Manager of GZDE, signs the MOU with Mr. Sabyasachi Ray, Executive Director of GJEPC

The senior executives of De Beers, GDGJE and GZDE pose for a group photo after signing the MOU

A dozen of media outlets cover the opening ceremony for IIJS 2016

The GJEPC was set up by India's Ministry of Commerce in 1966. With over 6,000 members in the fields of diamonds, jewellery and coloured gems, GJEPC is the apex body of the gem & jewellery industry. During the visit to India, the Chairman and Executive Director of GJEPC; heads of the International Exhibitions Committee, the Domestic Exhibitions Committee, and the Banking, Insurance and Taxation Committee of GJEPC; and the representative of Kimberley Process Office in charge of rough diamond import and export affairs under India's Ministry of Commerce invited the delegation of GDGJE and GZDE for a business lunch, discussing how to implement the MOU. Mr. Shankar Pandya, Chairman of GJEPC, undertook to mobilize its members to apply for memberships of GDGJE and GZDE, access the Chinese market via their platforms, and expand cooperation with Chinese diamond & jewellery enterprises.
The delegation holds talks with GJEPC's senior executives and relevant enterprise representatives from the industry

In India, the delegation visited the pavilions of IIJS to learn the current situation and business needs of Indian and international jewelry enterprises participating in the IIJS, visited All India Gems & Jewellery Trade Federation(GJF) to explore closer cooperation in the future and setting up mechanism of information sharing, and visited the Bharat Diamond Bourse (BDB) with the world's largest diamond exchange facilities to learn about the site construction, auxiliary facilities and operation mode of BDB, which provides useful reference for the software and hardware construction of GDGJE and GZDE.


The delegation visits BDB

On the occasion of international event of IIJS, the delegation had an in-depth communication with the executives from De Beers Auction Sales, to propel the cooperation on rough diamond trading. The delegation also met with representatives from Malca Mit and other international jewellery service enterprises to communicate and prepare for supporting services of diamond & jewellery trade between China and India.

The delegation meets with representatives from De Beers

The visit of GDGJE and GZDE to India aroused close attention and strong interest from the local jewellery industry and media. In the afternoon of August 4, Mr. Zhu Yongsheng, Chairman of GDGJE and Mr. Liang Weizhang, General Manager of GZDE, were invited to an interview of The New Jeweller magazine, a major international jewellery media outlet reaching 16 countries and regions in the world. In the exclusive interview, they answered the great concerns from the inside and outside of the industry, such as the development of China's jewellery industry and the cooperation prospect of China-India jewellery industries, receiving good response. The interview played a positive role in promoting the global jewellery industry to further learn about GDGJE and GZDE and enhancing their global popularity.


An interview by The New Jeweller

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