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The 2017 Guangzhou International Buyer Seller Meet(Spring),Diamond & Color Gemstones reached fruitful achievements


During Feb. 20th – 22nd, the Guangdong Gems & Jade Exchange  and the Guangzhou Diamond Exchange (referred to as “GDGJE”and“GZDE”  respectively and as the“two Exchanges" collectively) organized the the India Diamond Week and Grand Feast of Gemstones of 2017 Guangzhou International Buyer Seller Meet(Spring) (refered to as BSM) in Panyu District of Guangzhou City, bringing international perspectives and first-hand sources for diamond and jewelry enterprises for their spring procurement and production preparations.
This BSM won great support from GJEPC and a number of industry elite, business associations and professional or specialized testing institutions. Ten Indian diamond suppliers, who are sightholders of De Beers, Alrosa and Rio Tinto,  formed a special exhibitor group to attend this BSM. Along with exhibitors from HK and the Mainland China engaged in diamond, color gemstone, pearl and jade, they presented a colorful trade fair with eye-catching exhibits .
Mr. Y.K. SAILAS THANGAL, the Consul General of India, paid high attention to this “Indian Diamond Week”. He visited the BSM on the morning of Feb. 20th and unveiled the BSM together with Mr. Zhu Yongsheng, the chairman of the two Exchanges. During his tour to this BSM, Mr. THANGAL expressed his earnest expectation to industrial cooperation of both India and China in diamond and gems; he said that, India is a critical player for global diamond processing, and China is an important diamond consumer market, GJEPC and the two Exchanges shall forge firm, lasting and precious friendship like diamond, so as to jointly promote the development of jewelry & diamond industry, and the Indian General Consulate in Guangzhou would provide strong support and solid backing for the cooperation and development of both sides.
At BSM, the GDGJE, Guangdong Jadeite Industry Association and Guangdong GuangCui Culture Limited Liability Company reached an intention for strategic cooperation to promote the development of jewelry and jade industry in Guangdong Province, and signed a 3-party MOU, aiming to build a real physical shopping mall with fresh ideas, join hands to build an industrial alliance for promoting the transformation, upgrading and healthy development of the jewelry and jade industry in Guangdong.
 In order to fully explore business opportunities at the BSM, the two Exchanges and GJEPC organized a Special Business Meeting for exhibitors and purchasers both from India and China. Buyers from the diamond industry in Guangzhou, presidents from related business associations and exhibitors from India gathered together, having a face-to-face communication on how to achieve better cooperation. Exhibitors from India said that, thanks to organization by the two Exchanges, the BSM was a good business opportunity for Indian diamond businesses to showcase and market themselves in the local Chinese market. More considerately, a number of diamond agents specialized in diamond importing and customs declaration were also present at the BSM, providing related services for deals at the BSM in the first time. Buyers also praised that, now, no need to go abroad and without a minimum deposit, they might have a face-to-face business talk with De Beers! This Presale Trade Fair provided a precious opportunity for local buyers to reach first-hand international sources directly by attracting international exhibitors! Thanks to the two Exchanges for organizing this BSM, they had played the role of a platform!
 Goods from India and HK at this BSM were all imported by the entry& exit platform as operated by GZDE in Nansha District, and showcased in the industry cluster district in the form of bonded, so local enterprises may negotiate with international suppliers and pick their favorite goods without going abroad. The bonded exhibition and trading mode may save more than one third trading cost for enterprises. In 3 days, the BSM attracted a total of more than 700 professional buyers to negotiate procurement, and concluded a total of about 100 deals (including both goods deals and intentional deals) on diamond, color gemstones, pearls and jades, and nearly 100 buyers established business contact with exhibitors. In a word, by organizing this BSM, the two Exchanges achieved the aim of “matchmaking” for both suppliers and demanders, and also successfully developed a number of quality members.
Located in Panyu, a district of strategic importance for the diamond & jewelry industry in China and with FTZ policy innovation as breakthrough and featuring an international platform, this BSM set a bridge for Chinese diamond enterprises for their face-to-face exchanges with first-hand international diamond suppliers. With variegated product mix, affluent trade modes and convenient matching platform, this BSM explored a new path for enterprises to lower trading cost, widen the industry chain and expand the international market in terms of the supply side, helping the Chinese jewelry and diamond industry chain to integrate into the global market and move to the upper level of the value chain.

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