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How to grow into a professional jewellery buyer ——An exclusive sneak peek at buyer team on Hong Kong jewellery show in March


For jewellery practitioners, the Hong Kong Jewellery Show is not only a global jewellery trading platform, but also a best way to glimpse the world’s jewellery market, raw material prices and the trend of design. Besides, it is also an excellent paradise for professional jewellery buyers. The crowds on the March’s Hong Kong jewellery show increased significantly over last year, showing a thriving scene! As the saying goes, " dilettante watch the scene of bustle, adept guard the entrance ". How to become a professional buyer and gallop jewellery market in the shortest time with the least investment?  From February 28, to March 3, 2017, the Guangdong Gems & Jade Exchange and the Asian Gemmological Institute and Laboratory Limited jointly and successfully launched the "professional jewellery buyers training course" in Hong Kong, which opens up a professional buyers training channel through the Hong Kong Jewellery Show for the jewellery lovers with a certain basis and practitioners. Now, we share the wonderful course with you.

 “Classroom teaching”

A “full” classroom


Theory is the scientific guidance of practice! The buyers training course started with the two days’ theoretical courses. Mr. Dominic Mok,president of the Asian Gemmological Institute and Laboratory Limited with more than thirty years’ work experience, used unique teaching methods and supplemented a variety of gems specimens and exclusively developed instruments to realize "practical theory". To break the previous single pure theory or technology teaching model, the course holp students systematically and easily understand the quality identification, market prices and trends of ruby, sapphire, emerald, diamonds and many other gems. In the class, Mr. Mok taught students a "six words true tactics" and shared exclusive heart cheats with them.

Careful guidance by the combination of theory and practice


Varied gem specimens. The top left is the synthetic jadeite that there are only ten pieces in the world


Exclusive developed portable and easily operated instruments combined with the international rules and habits to see goods


Simple and quick method of jadeite color grading


"YaLiaoJie diamond colorimetric methods" created by Mr. Mok, which can easily grade inlaid diamonds

“Practice part”

A qualified jewellery buyer must have a good sensitivity of jewellery price, strong comprehensive ability of data analysis, market analysis and consumer behavior analysis, all of which come from the actual contact and experience accumulation in the market. With the "Cheats" studying from theoretical class and guided by Mr. Mok and professional tutors, the students formed a buyer team to actually combat in the Hong Kong Jewellery show, which became a most unique and most pioneering team in the show.


The buyer team in the HK show


Aimed at the most popular kinds of gems, such as rubies, sapphires, emeralds, diamonds, pearls, jadeite etc., the buyer team researched a number of representative exhibitors and fully understood and compared their market and trends, to accumulate buyers’ experience. In order to enhance the effectiveness, the course carefully set up the "buyer's fund" for buyers to combat. Such “high” course configuration is probably no two!


The buyer team actually combats in the HK show


After the actual combat, buyer team understood the current status and future trends of the jewellery market. According to their analysis, ruby, sapphire and emerald are very popular. The prices of high-quality varieties of them are strong. The demand of diamonds is stable and the market is strong. The prices of high-quality jadeite remain high. The market of pearl is hot, and the sea pearls are generally bullish. In addition, spinel, paraiba and other emerging varieties have good appreciation potential.


Dazzling and beautiful gems


The gems, as shown in above picture, from left to right, from top to bottom respectively, are top-quality jadeite necklace, top-quality jadeite earrings, sea pearls with different grades from Japan, jadeite decorations, unique "golden sheen sapphire" from Kenya, sapphire from the latest mine in Madagascar and other origin sapphires, emeralds from Ethiopia's latest mine. All kinds of gemstones contain a wealth of the latest market information. Buyers have an own account in their minds.
The current domestic and foreign jewellery training courses put more focus on the identification, design, marketing, appreciation and other independent training course, and lack professional buyers training course based on the market and actual combat. The students from buyer team have said that the training course were very useful and closed to the market. From the theory to the practice, they learned not only the experience, but also the mentality that buyers should have.
In accordance with the mission that providing comprehensive service covering the whole industry chain to jewellery industry, Guangdong Gems & Jade Exchange will continue to launch different buyers training courses closing to the market, as well as senior class of gem and jade training, jewellery business English course, and so on. Welcome to pay attention!

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