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Review the achievements and deepen the cooperation --- GDGJE hold a talks with NGTC in Beijing

2017-07-10 Source:GDGJE

On July, 6th, 2017, Guangdong gems and jade exchange (hereinafter referred to as GDGJE) chairman Yongsheng Zhu and General manage Zhiwei Li visited National Gemological Training (NTCG). NGTC Director Zhibin Ye, Deputy Director Jie Ke and the center leaders Lijun Bi, Fengmin Sun attended the talks.
Both leader of GDGJE and NGTC’s the photo (From left. Lixin Yang, Lijun Bi, Zhiwei LI, Zhibin Ye, Yongsheng Zhu, Jie Ke, Fengmin Sun)
GDGJE was established in February, 2016 and signed the strategic cooperation agreement with NGTC on the same year of July. They reached an intimate collaboration on building jewelry and jade elements market and promoting the industry development jointly.
During the talks, GDGJE has introduced the work situation in detail since the establishment and the relevant development results have been fully affirmed by NGTC. In the past one years, both side have cooperated closely in testing and evaluation, industry promotion and technical training which have effectively promoted GDGJE management operation and business development. And it gets notable results in the service of the real economy, the promotion of jewelry trading and trade growth. The two sides agreed that the terms of the strategic cooperation should be in step and plan to land one by one so as to open up a good situation for our future cooperation.
After discussing deeply, both side reached a consensus on the construction of industry standards system, technical support and promotion of new jewelry category, the building of jewelry price system, jewelry technology competition and jewelry training, enrich the terminal customer service and so on. NGTC will give full support to the GDGJE and strive to jointly enhance the credibility of the service so as to create a fair, just and open professional jewelry jade integrated service hub, maintain the normal order of jade jewelry market and promote the healthy development of the industry.


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