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Guangzhou couplet.The entry carries a gold and silver exceeding 50 rrams must declare


     For days. gold and silver articles for smuggling. Guangzhou customs have seized several cases of smuggling gold jewellery. seized the number of cases of smuggling gold jewellery cases involving a total of 12 people,the parties did not declare to the customs seized the gold necklace, diamonds,colored stones,such as a batch,involving nearly 5.74million yuan.
    Customs belong to Panyu,guangzhou customs recently hit a 5 dayscontinuous seized 6cases of smuggling jewelry entry record,was not declare to the  customs of K all ACTS the role of neckaces.bracelets,jewelry inlaid, colored stones,such as 1847,stands at about 760000 yuan

Characters in the contraceptive came source:Nan Fang Daily

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