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GDGJE Become Honored Partners of JNA Awards


On Sep. 14th, the JNA Awards ceremony with Gala Dinner was hold at Intercontinental HONGKONG. On the behalf of the honored partner, the general manager of Guangdong Gems and Jade exchange, Mr. Li Zhiwei announced the awards ceremony and presented certificates and trophies to part of enterprises on the list.

Mr.Li Zhiwei presented certificates and trophies
Mr.Li announced the award-winning list
On the behalf of GDGJE, Mr. Li was granted the honored partner of JNA Awards in the Honourees Award Presentation.


Mr.Li presented Ms. WangZhuo as the award-winning  young entrepreneur annually

Praised as the “Oscar in Jewelry Field” and the peak ceremony of jewelry industry in the world, JNA awards was founded by UBM at 2012.It is deemed that this pre-dominant award intends to honor the enterprises and individuals with excellent performance and original innovative spirit, at the same time, highly appreciates their contribution/tribute to the development of the jewelry in Asian region. JNA has launched five times and created great influence upon the industry up till now. There exists some remarkable partners as Chou Tai Fook ,Gemfields, Rio Tinto Diamonds, Diarough Group, Israel Diamond Association, Shanghai Diamond Exchange center as well as The Guangdong Land Holdings Limited. Guangdong Gems and Jade Exchange Center officially joined JNA Awards as the unique gems and jade exchanging platform honored partner at Aug. It has been regarded as the fresh power of the rising jewelry industry.
There are 11 types of awards at this JNA Award Ceremory, contained 28 listed enterprises and 13 award-winning ones with 6 Chinese enterprises (mainland) positioned. ShouzuiYasui, CEO of Yasui & Co competed the rest and won Lifetime Achievement Award, there is also the black horse-Hiersun Industrial co.Ltd, who won the Brand of the year.

The Fifth JNA Awards winning list
Ms.Chow Meili, the first issuer, UBM business-expanding manager and chief of judge group said that the gravity to success is the team cooperation. JNA team collaborates intensively with chief group, judge expertise, candidates and all the friends into the industry for the sake of letting JNA become unmatched and meritorious.

Mr. Li , General manager of GDGJE indicated that UBM as the most powerful commerce exhibition holding partner has made JNA Awards the utmost international jewelry event in Asiaduring a short period of five years. It’s considerable glory that GDGJE have participated in as the honored partner. 

Mr. Heung Shaoki , General manager of Chow Tai Fook group revealed that through improving field standard, stimulating innovation and tracking optimal principles, JNA Awards offer an  communicative platform to boost the development of the whole industry. I’m excited to witness the grow-up of the last couple of years, and I perceive that there will be more profound influence on the field in the years to come.

JNA awards points at the appreciation towards excellence, creativity and achievement upon the jewelry industry. It accelerates the volunteer pursuit of higher-level excellence by winning enterprises. Meanwhile, it is entitled to be the pioneer to stimulate more internal cooperation with more influential harvest, mentioned by Mr. Ian Harebottle, the CEO of Gemfields.

This success of JNA Awards benefits from the support of all the partners. The influential power of GDGJE has risen considerably through joining JNA Awards. Whilst, GDGJE will effectively strengthen inter-communication globally and contribute excessively  to the internationalization of jewelry industry based on the international-diversified JNA Awards and the authority of GDGJE into the domestic market.

JNA Awards Ceremony of honored partners



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