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GDGJE releases a series of trading & servicing products in the Shenzhen Jewelry Fair



On April 21, at China International Gold, Jewelry & Gem Fair – Shenzhen (Shenzhen Fair), Guangzhou Diamond Exchange (GZDE), taking “Innovative Supply, Vigorous Upgrade” as the theme, released the innovative trading business and held China’s first rough diamond trading fair.


The business conference, which gathered diamond, jewelry, and gem trading platforms, rough diamond suppliers, high-tech diamond processing enterprises, industry research institutions, and media organizations, stated GZDE’s concept to build an international diamond trading platform and a modern comprehensive industry service hub, and released a variety of trading products bridging international supply and domestic manufacturing and consuming,  as well as innovative service products covering areas such as customs clearance, logistics, finance, technology, and marketing, etc.

Innovation is the pulse of time in the diamond and jewelry industry, as well as the driving force of supply-side reform. Upgrade is the inevitable direction of the diamond and jewelry industry’s development, as well as the competitiveness to reach a higher level. GZDE actively practices President Xi Jinping’s important instructions to Guangdong Province, which impels reform and opening up, takes supply-side structural reform as the major content of work, promotes foreign trade and economic cooperation into a new level, and boosts Guangdong’s diamond industry to become the main force in international competition! Besides the business conference, GZDE arranged the exhibition of diamond and jewelry products of member enterprises, the allocation sales of rough diamonds from international primary sources, and held China’s first online bidding of rough diamonds, made a TV feature program for innovative marketing of rough diamonds, and organized display of high-tech application in diamond processing. A large number of people visited the booth of GZDE in Shenzhen Fair, bringing warmth of early spring to domestic diamond and jewelry industry!


“Innovative Supply, Vigorous Upgrade” Diamond and Jewelry Business Conference

Be true to the mission and be proactive in innovation and upgrade. Through the Diamond and Jewelry Business Conference & Rough Diamonds Trading Fair, GZDE unlocks the doors for diamond and jewelry enterprises to access international high-quality diamond resources and finds out a new way for the development and upgrade of the domestic industry. The event is organized by GZDE, together with Guangdong Gems & Jade Exchange (GDGJE), Delta Tau Diamond (Shanghai) Co., Ltd and Sarine Technologies Ltd. Under the guidance of Gems & Jewelry Trade Association of China, the event gains support from more than 50 domestic and overseas diamond and jewelry industry associations, industrial authorities, and jewelry brands. The event focuses on innovation in supply channels of diamonds, innovation in diamond processing technology application, innovation in rough diamonds trade mode, and innovation in industrial integrated service system, thereby bringing a new perspective of industry development to nearly 400 guests and filling their minds with visions and ideas.


At the conference, Mr. Zhu Yongsheng from GZDE expressed that GZDE is committed to building itself into “an international diamond trading platform, a diamond industry chain service platform, and a diamond value realizing platform” by integrating state-controlled enterprises’ advantages in policy, good faith, first mover, resource integration, and financial cost of supply chain. 


Mr. Liu Jianhua, Secretary General of Diamond Processing Specialized Committee of Gems & Jewelry Trade Association of China gave a speech and highly recognized the contribution and innovation made by GZDE and GDGJE for the development of the diamond and jewelry industry. Relying on solid foundation for the diamond industry in Guangdong, GZDE and GDGJE promote the construction of the international trading platform and the formation of new business types of diamond and jewelry in Guangdong.


Mr. Liang Weizhang, General Manager of GZDE, gave a detailed interpretation on GZDE’s idea of innovation and upgrade in the diamond industry, as well as its international diamond trade business model. GZDE launched eight innovative trading and services products covering the upstream and downstream industry chains (SettelDia, ManuDia, FinanDia, ImportDia, BondedDia, ATADia, MarketingDia, Elite Club), committed to realizing rapid receipt and payment in foreign trade, connecting the markets at home and abroad, bridging the whole industry supply chain, and introducing financial support for the development of entity economies. Meanwhile, GZDE officially launched a member system that included comprehensive trading members, trading members, and non-trading members and met the requirements of the World Diamond Council (WDC) and World Federation of Diamond Bourses (WFDB), so as to fully start GZDE’s member service and industry alliance system for common development, multiple participation, transparency and self-regulation, and win-win result.



Delta Tau Diamond (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., one of the co-organizers of the event, is a China-based subsidiary of Diamond Trading NV, a Belgian company specialized in rough diamond trading. Mr. Yang Chongxian, General Manager of Delta Tau Diamond (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., introduced their high-quality rough diamond resources and their professional sorting team. Delta Tau Diamond expressed that it would cooperate with GZDE, participate in GZDE’s trading fairs, and promote the innovation and optimization of China’s supply channels of rough diamonds. He also expressed that there would be a special fair in the near future so as to launch more marketable goods at GZDE.


At the conference, Sarine Technologies Ltd., the world’s advanced rough diamond processing and design service provider in Israel, shared its hardware and software services including technologies of inclusion scanning and processing design of rough diamonds, laser marking and cutting, diamond ratio analysis, cutting grading, as well as the revolutionary innovation made by applying new technologies to the traditional diamond processing industry. Sarine Technologies Ltd. is planning to choose GZDE as its China-based service center. By then, GZDE will have become the seventh service center of Sarine Technologies Ltd. in the world, providing more advanced and convenient services for the diamond industry in China.


China Gold News has paid attention to China’s supply-side reform and industrial development in the area of diamond and jewelry for a long time.Mr. Li Guangtao, Editor-in-Chief of China Gold News, taking “Supply-side Reform in the Diamond Industry Reaches a Critical Stage” as the theme, introduced China Gold News’s survey analysis and research progress on China’s diamond industry and consumer market and praised highly of the great efforts made by GZDE and GDGJE for the supply-side reform and innovative development of the diamond and jewelry industry.


As another highlight for the event, Mr. Li Zhiwei, General Manager of GDGJE, explained GDGJE’s innovation business mode in detail and comprehensively introduced 13 new trading and service products, including Bonded Exbhibition, Bonded Auction (Bidding), Easy Clearance, E-exhibition & Sales, Cross-border Links, Online Bulk Sales, Consignment Sales, Idle Sales, Stock Auction, Jewelry and Diamonds Club, F2R, Internet of Goods, and IP Products. In addition, he launched the IP Product for the coming movie “The Founding of An Army,” attracting great interest from participating jewelry enterprises.


Online Bidding for Rough Diamonds, and Traceable Quality Guarantee

From actively exploring the international market to introducing primary diamond suppliers to bridging domestic diamond and jewelry manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers, GZDE always maintains the traceable principle in international diamond trade and provides stable and high quality supply of diamond. Customs and inspection and quarantine bureaus attach great importance to and vigorously support bidding business of rough diamonds. With an innovative supervision mechanism, Guangdong Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau implemented scientific and effective supervision over the first batch of rough diamonds that had been imported under bonded condition utilizing the policy of free trade zone for bidding business. The integrated regulation and service system of “Joint Law Enforcement” of the Big Customs Clearance system of Guangzhou Customs ensured that the entry-exit inspection of rough diamonds could be completed within one hour. The “paralleling” model played a positive role in the regulation of this bonded display of rough diamonds.

In the context of shortage of rough diamond supply worldwide, GZDE provided member enterprises with reliable primary diamond sources. At the rough diamonds trading fair, JURE, as the shareholder and the core founding member of GZDE, got access to the first allocation of rough diamonds. JURE expressed that having access to high-quality rough diamonds at favorable prices helped it extend the upstream industry chain, become more active in production schedule and cost control, and become more competitive in the fierce market competition.


GZDE provides comprehensive trading members with rough diamond allocation at preferential prices. In addition, GZDE offers flexible, convenient sales models of rough diamonds, such as agreement sales and online bidding.


At the conference, GZDE held China’s first public bidding of rough diamonds. By referring to internationally accepted online bidding mechanism and adopting the customized safety bidding system designed by Guangdong Assets and Equity Exchange Group, the bidding attracted five domestic diamond enterprises to bid for several rounds via mobile phones. GZDE brought a brand new diamond supply channels to domestic diamond enterprises through the bidding, and the market actively responded to this business, thus realizing China’s first rough diamond online bidding. The display of bidding goods lasted for two and a half days and had attracted a large number of professionals for previewing. Enterprises participating in the bidding were very satisfied with the concluded price and believed that the price was as competitive as the purchasing price in Antwerp, Belgium. GZDE was appreciated because it offered an international procurement channel free from travelling across the oceans!


China is a large country in diamonds consumption and trade, second only to the United States. Guangdong, a representative industry center for foreign trade of diamonds in China, has been only engaged in simple processing trade for many years. There is a lack of effective supply. Trade costs remain in a high position. The space for sustainable development is limited. Since its foundation, GZDE has made innovations with the vigorous support of governments at all levels including the People’s Government of Guangdong Province and Guangzhou Municipal Government. GZDE has been approved by AQSIQ to carry out bonded trade of rough diamonds. In addition, with the support of commerce, customs, inspection and quarantine bureaus, GZDE takes full advantage of diamond and jewelry industry agglomeration in Guangdong and makes full use of favorable policies of the piloted free trade zone, so as to bring innovative and effective supply channels, promote the upgrade of diamond enterprises, and enhance the competitiveness of China’s diamond and jewelry industry in the international market!


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