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The membership system

GDGJE’s trading activity adopts a membership system that consists of trading membership, alliance membership and elite membership for its business administration.
Basing on making full use of advantages in the platform resources, GDGJE will make efforts to build a jewelry ecological circle, and invite international jewelry providers, global purchasers, associations, and enterprises or organizations engaged in jewelry design, manufacture, exhibition, finance, insurance, logistics, storage, testing and assessment to create a gems and jewelry industry alliance covering the whole industry chain.  
Trading membership

Trading members are core members of GDGJE, and will be strictly controlled in terms of the number. Trading membership mainly targets internationally renowned brands, the world's gems and jade raw material suppliers and mass-scale manufacturing enterprises(The first group of about 50 membership units will be identified as GDGJE Founding Members).

Rights of Trading Members:
Enjoy the preferential policies of GDGJE from the state;
Dialogue the leading global jewelry directly;
Match with international resources;
Conduct batch trading activities;
Recommend others to become GDGJE members;
Gain the value-added income of membership seat;
Reflect the demands and seek policy supports from government through GDGJE.
Rights of Founding Members:
1.Get involved in formulation of the Member Articles, Management Measures and Trading Rules;
2.Rights of voting and being voted as members of the First Council.
Alliance membership

Alliance membership mainly targets small to mid-scale jewelry manufacturing enterprises, sellers, traders and other relevant enterprises. We anticipate that, thousands of jewelers and other industry alliance groups both in and outside China will join us as alliance members.

Rights of alliance members:
1. Share huge industry alliance resources with GDGJE;
2. Receive front-end and back-end purchase-sale matching services both online and offline;
3. Access to brand reputation enhancing services provided by GDGJE, such as enterprise publicity, special exhibition and business promotion;
4. Attend bio-partnering meetings and buyer seller meets as organized by GDGJE;
5. Access to supply-chain finance services as provided by GDGJE;
6. Participate various jewelry exhibitions both in and outside China at the favorable price that GDGJE may win over.

Elite membership

Elite membership mainly targets jewelry designers,jewelry lovers and consumers, which will converge more than 100 thousand orders of magnitude high net worth end consumer groups.

Rights of elite members:
1. Access to exclusive resources of the Elegant Life Alliance organized by GDGJE, tasting high quality life;
2. Receive quality personalized jewelry customization services;
3. Attend Design Work Exhibitions and Private & Special Tour Shows as well as other promotions as organized by GDGJE;
4. Attend lectures, training courses, private jewelry identification and other events organized by GDGJE;
5. Join visits to origins of gems and jade and jewelry industry clusters as organized by GDGJE;
6. Access to professional consulting services for identification of private jewelry collections;
7. Conditional repurchase and replacement of jewelry products. 

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