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International Jewelry & Diamond Conference 2017 Opens in Style

2017-11-29 Source:Guangdong Gems&Jade Exchange

On 24 November 2017 the grand opening for one of the series of annual meetings of the Guangdong Assets and Equity Exchange Group was held in Panyu, Guangzhou. The theme was “Road & Belt, Hand in Hand — International Jewelry & Diamond Conference 2017”. This annual event, jointly organized by Guangzhou Diamond Exchange, and Guangdong Gems & Jade Exchange (known collectively as the two exchanges), subsidiaries of Guangdong Assets & Equity Exchange Group,benefitted from the strong support of the Gems & Jewellery Association of China, the China Gold Association; district, municipal and provincial government;  the Diamond Administration of Shanghai; the Shanghai Diamond Exchange; and also chambers of commerce representing many industries in Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao. It also received the support and attendance of associations and organisations in the gems and diamonds industries from the nations of Belgium, Israel, Sri Lanka and Thailand as well as that of the industry leading De Beers Group.

 Representatives from all over the industry convene for the International Jewelry & Diamond Conference 2017
 Partnering through “Belt & Road”, the Two Exchanges Revolutionise the Industry
Currently, collaboration through the Belt & Road advocates strong expansion in the domain of the world political economy, linking together the ancient and modern and connecting China with the wider world. This increases China’s dialogue and collaboration within the international gems and diamonds industry, providing new growth opportunities for the local Chinese gems and diamonds industry.
As a comprehensive service platform in the international gems and diamonds industry supply chain and as a pillar of the Belt & Road Initiative, the two exchanges continue to focus on market growth, utilising the advantages inherent in the consolidation of the gems and diamonds industry in Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao. The two exchanges work together with all sides, thereby deepening the innovative trading service system in gems and diamonds, leading to a rising brand value, and jointly driving the mutually beneficial innovation and growth of the gems and diamonds industry. Nearly 300 people attended this annual conference, including notable guests and industry association representatives, and leaders and experts from countries along the Belt & Road route, including Thailand, Sri Lanka, Israel, Belgium and Germany, in addition to participants from  Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan of China. Also in attendance were representatives of the key member companies of the two exchanges, who together explored the state of growth of the gems and diamonds industry and its direction in China and overseas. They sought to create more opportunities for more multi-lateral and in depth dialogue and collaboration. The scale and importance of the event set a new record in the Guangzhou gems and diamonds industry!

 High attendance at the International Jewelry & Diamond Conference 2017
The Vice Secretary General of the Guangzhou Municipal Government, Diao Ailin; the Chairman of the Guangdong Assets & Equity Exchange Group, Liu Wen; the Vice President and Secretary General of the Gems & Jewellery Association of China, Shi Hongyue; Vice Secretary General of the China Gold Association, Liu Yanhong attended the forum and gave keynote speeches, Vice Director of Panyu District, Tan Bin attended both the main and side events.
Liu Wen, Chairman of Guangdong Assets & Equity Exchange Group, pointed out that as a large scale comprehensive trade and trade services company approved and established by the provincial government, the Guangdong Assets & Equity Exchange Group has already achieved its listing of over ¥5 million, with a completed transactions value of ¥2.7 trillion yuan. Those engaged in the trading have contributed ¥135 billion yuan of taxes, driving an economic scale of close to ¥1.2 trillion yuan. The two exchanges are progressing along a path of marketisation, internationalisation, and innovative development, with the aim to become established as an internationalised gems and diamonds trading platform and modernised and comprehensive industrial services hub which is assisted by government policies at the municipal, provincial and national levels. The two exchanges are working hard to implement the transition and upgrading of Guangdong’s jewelry and diamonds industry, and have already become an essential internationalised, comprehensive platform under the Group’s umbrella.
 Liu Wen, Chairman & Party Commission Secretary of the Guangdong Assets & Equity Exchange Group, delivering his speech.
The Vice Secretary General of the Guangzhou Municipal Government, Diao Ailin, said that the development of Guangzhou’s jewelry and diamonds industry has received the strong, unwavering support from Guangzhou Municipal Government. The Guangzhou Diamond Exchange andthe Guangdong Gems & Jade Exchange have played key roles in driving the transition and upgrade of the gems and diamonds industry at district, municipal and provincial levels. He also said that the Guangzhou Municipal Government is dedicated to supporting the continued growth of the two exchanges and aims that they grow into international gems and diamonds trading service hubs!

 Diao Ailin, Vice Secretary General of Guangzhou Municipal Government,delivering his speech.  
The Vice President and Secretary General of the Gems and Jewellery Trade Association of China, Shi Hongyue stated that the gem and diamond industry has a strong grounding in Guangdong, formed by the complete tripartite nature of the gems and diamonds market system, covering production, supply and sale. It is one of the most important groupings in the gem and jewellery industry in China. He stated that he anticipates that the two exchanges can further drive the consolidation of the gems and jewellery industry, with partnerships with representative industries in regions along the route of the Belt & Road Initiative, leading to new, innovative partnerships, leading to shared victories.

 Shi Hongyue, Vice president and Secretary General of the Gems & Jewellery Association of China, delivering his speech.
The Vice Secretary General of the China Gold Association, Liu Yanhong, expressed that the two main categories of diamonds and gems are strong vehicles and leading products for establishing partnership with global partners, especially countries that have entered discussions and partnerships along the route of Belt & Road Initiative. As a pivot in the international gems and diamonds industry supply chain in the Belt & Road Initiative and a comprehensive service platform, — the two exchanges will play a much larger role in partnerships throughout the world’s gem and diamonds industry.   
 Liu Yanhong, Vice Secretary General of the China Gold Association, delivering her speech.
Conference Highlight: Industry Leaders Share Their Views
The theme of the main event of this year’s annual industry forum was “Belt & Road, Hand in Hand”,  side events ran the topics of “The New Perspective on Rough Diamond Industry” and “New Trends in Brand Design”. The events were full of innovative, future orientated concepts, and rich, and diverse content, driving concerned parties in the global jewels and diamonds industry to carefully consider issues such as the search for collaborative agreements, establishing a new driver in the gems and diamonds market, as well as sustainable and healthy development of the industry.
In the main event, guests in the gems and diamonds industry from countries situated along the route of the Belt & Road Initiative gave outstanding speeches on the topic of “Hand in Hand”. The President of the Antwerp World Diamond Centre, Stephane Fischler, linked together the role and positioning of China in the international jewelry and diamonds market, and gave his views on the current state of growth in the international diamond market. He pointed out the necessity for collaboration between those engaged in the diamond industry. The Vice President of Asia Pacific, De Beers Global Sight holder Sales, Sean Lin,, introduced how De Beers, the world leader in the diamond mining industry, is using the Global Sightholder System, and spoke of new approaches to sightholder qualification training within the industry pertinent to the Chinese domestic market. The former president of The International Colored Gemstone Association, Wilson Yuen, and Chief of R&D Department of The Gem and Jewelry Institute of Thailand,  Malin Sawatekitithum, and Armil Sammoon from the Sri Lankan National Gem & Jewellery Association, conducted in depth expositions covering the new direction of collaboration on gems and diamonds between China and Thailand, new partnership opportunities between China and Sri Lanka, and provided analyses of development policies which concern gems and diamonds in the regions along the route of the Belt & Road Initiative. They provided new information on the international aspects of co-operation in the gems and diamonds industry along the Belt & Road route, providing the gems and diamonds industry with new opportunities, and new options to consider in the realm of mutually beneficial partnerships.
 Stephane Fischler, President of the Antwerp World Diamond Centre & World Diamond Council, giving a speech

 Wilson Yuen, former Chairman of the International Colored Gemstone Association, giving a speech
The side event on “The New Perspective on Rough Diamond Industry” was hosted by the Guangzhou Diamond Exchange. Guests from every segment of the industrial chain spoke. They gave their perspectives on topics including the demand in the rough diamonds market, supply of resources, purchasing channels, trade and service platforms, high tech design and processing, supply chain financial support, and conducted an in depth break down of the special characteristics and direction of transition and growth for Guangdong as a consolidation centre, with the Guangzhou Diamond Exchange sharing successful examples of corporate applications of the entire process of  international trade - cross border settling of foreign exchange - bonded processing - supply chain financing. They energetically displaying the key role played by Guangzhou Diamond Exchange’s core business model of the bringing together of the resources of the rough diamond trade to support real economic growth. The Guangzhou Diamond Exchange utilises innovative free trade zone policies and the advantages of the local processing and manufacturing industries, thereby propelling the diamond industry towards supply side reforms, leading to substantial growth in the bonded trade in rough diamonds, processing trade and transition to normal trade imports, expanding the fostering of a new industrial layout in the international trade in rough diamonds, innovative service trade models, and also by proactively discovering the best innovations for the upgrading and development of the diamond industry.

 Announcement of business solutions for a one-stop shop in rough diamond trading by the Guangzhou Diamond Exchange
The side event “New Trends in Brand Design” was hosted by the Guangdong Gems & Jade Exchange, with guest speakers covering the establishment of intellectual property protection systems for gems and diamonds design, branding innovation, and brand considerations and era defining turning points in China’s gems and diamonds industry. These challenging topics were explained in layman terms. An analysis of the gem industry at the high end of the industrial chain and its development models was provided. The main topics were the “establishment of gem brands, the development of fashionable design and intellection property protection”, where new industry growth trends and directions were discussed in great detail. A global perspective of the development of the current Chinese gems and diamonds industry in the areas of branding, design, intellectual property protection and the high end value chains was given and it was also shown that there is still some distance between China and the main developed nations. The Guangdong Gems & Jade Exchange is dedicated to the service industry and is already in possession of its own gems and diamonds with intellectual property, with more than twenty added value supply chain service products, such as The Sharing Innovation Service Centre and Gem Cultural and Tourism Products, thereby providing comprehensive services along the entire industrial chain including in the areas of design, intellectual property protection, and brand building. It is also dedicated to upgrading the construction of a gems, diamonds and jade element trading market.

 Chen Shichang, Executive Director of Chow Tai Fook Jewellery Group, giving a speech

 Topic theme: “Building gem brands, developments in fashion design and intellectual property protection”
Multiple Announcements of Innovative Products,Industry Pools Resources
The two exchanges worked hard to drive innovation in international service trading models and in internet sharing business models. During the event, they announced a multitude of new business models and products such as sharing innovative service platforms, gems and diamonds raw materials display/competitive bidding business in Hong Kong, and the “Want Diamond” diamond trading WeChat app service, all of which were well received throughout the industry.
The Co-Innovative Service Platform’s guiding philosophy is, “innovating together, winning together, prospering together” and its service values revolve around the three fundamental pillars of “shared factories”, “shared training”, and “shared intellectual property protection”. It supports the gems and diamonds sharing service systems in Panyu, across China and across the world. Hong Kong gems and diamonds raw materials inspections/competitive bidding business provide the most convenient access to the supply of raw material and gem purchasing for many member corporations both within China and internationally. They will also innovate the new industry patternof overseas bonding/ goods inspections, and cultivate new foreign trade growth points. The “Want Diamond” diamond trading WeChat application terminal is an easy using trading app released by Guangzhou Diamond Exchange, effectively linking together market demand with corporate end point supply and purchasing, providing data access pertaining to the supply and demand of diamonds in different arenas. The China Guangdong Rough Diamond Market Demand Analysis Report is a report produced by the Guangzhou Diamond Exchange based on their in depth market research data which analyses the current state of the development requirements for the Guangdong Diamond market. They pointed out that trade in processing should not serve as the commercial model for China’s external trade in diamonds, but a mature processing industry serves to consolidate is destined to play an important role in the growth of the entire industry, with a whole series of innovative services which support the upgrading and transition of bonded trading in the diamond industry at the Guangzhou Diamond Exchange, as well as cross border settling of foreign exchange, and the transition of bonded goods to processing and supply chain finance, providing a entirely new yet practical viewpoint on the development of the industry.
 Launch of the Co-Innovation Service Platform by the Guangdong Gems & Jade Exchange

 Exposition of the growth in demand of the China and Guangdong’s rough diamond market by the Guangzhou Diamond Exchange
During the annual event the Guangzhou Diamond Exchange and Guangzhou R&F Global Merchandise City Ltd. and Delta Tau Diamond Ltd. respectively reached strategic agreements in the fields of diamond industry supply chain finance and rough diamonds supply, the purpose being the global consolidation of gems and diamond resources, thereby providing a higher quality, more convenient, more diversified and a higher standard of service for the industry, and working together to create an comprehensive service hub for the international gem and diamond industrial supply chain.
 Strategic Agreements signed between the two exchanges and partners
An Eye Dazzling Gems & Diamonds Exhibition
The dazzling display that was the Gems and Diamond Exhibition was one of the highlights of the annual conference this year. The two exchanges, together with Guangzhou Panyu Jewelry Manufacturers Association, simultaneously promoting the International Gem and Diamond Exhibition at the Panyu Hotel. The 39 exhibitors with 60 booths from countries and regions such as Belgium, Sri Lanka, Germany, India, Afghanistan, Hong Kong, as well as the Pearl River Delta attended the exhibition, covering more than ten product categories including diamonds, jadeite, ruby, sapphire, emerald, opal, pearl, coral, and gold and silver ornaments which had a total value ¥120 million yuan, satisfying a wide a variety of purchasing requirements.
 The outstanding Gems & Diamonds Exhibition proved that not all that glitters is gold   
This outstanding exhibition drew the interest of thousands of industry insiders and professional buyersand proved to be an event that was a combination of the vital trinity of  “exhibiting, purchasing, and networking”.

 Thousands of industry insiders and professional buyers attended the exhibition
This year’s annual event, coming after the International Jewelry & Diamond Conference 2016 , entrenches Panyu’s strategic importance in the Chinese gem and diamond industry as it has served host yet again! Currently, the international economic climate is in flux, as likewise is the layout of the gem and diamond industry, leading to transitions and the growth of new consumer markets. Gems and diamonds are performing strongly in markets worldwide. The successful hosting of this annual event serves to cement the reputations of the two exchanges, whilst also boosting the influence of the Panyu within the industry, and serving to engage Guangzhou, the gems and diamonds industry in China and those areas along the route of the Belt & Road Initiative into greater, higher quality and deeper partnerships. It will assist the entry of the nation’s gem and diamond industrial chain into the international market, helping it develop towards the premium end of the value chain.
The event is exclusively sponsored and named by Guangzhou Times & Worldmart Jewelry Culture Industry Development Co., LTd. The company is a cooperative enterprise, by the Times Property and Worldmart group investment. This is a strategic cooperation enterprise to participate in the construction of jewelry special industry treasure town of shawan project (approved by the Guangdong Provincial Development and Reform Commission) and the national characteristic town (approved by the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of PRC). Plans to work with local partners to build Panyu into the national gem exchange and headquarters.

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