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GDGJE provides advice to the Customs on behalf of the industry

2020-04-16 Source:GDGJE

  In order to make full use of the advantages of the jewelry industry in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, promote the sustainable development of the jewelry industry, and coordinate government forces to help jewelry enterprises through the difficult period of the epidemic, Zhiwei Li, general manager of Guangdong Gems & Jade Exchange (hereinafter referred to as the "GDGJE") visited Panyu Customs on  April 9, 2020 to speak up for the jewelry enterprises and discussed with director Shengyi Chen, deputy director Chuanyuan Cai and Duoli Wu on how to help the outbreak of jewelry enterprises ride out hard times, supporting the jewelry industry sustainable development and promoting the jewelry industry transformation and upgrading.
   On behalf of many GDGJE’s member enterprises, general manager Li expressed his heartfelt thanks to Panyu Customs. During the epidemic period, the Customs in Panyu adopted the methods of coordinating multi-port linkage, making an appointment in advance for Customs clearance, and giving real-time warm tips to ensure that the clearance efficiency was not reduced ,the service attitude was the most patient, and there were no errors and omissions in business audit, which demonstrated the high efficiency, high quality and high level of Customs staff in the new era of China.
  Meanwhile, with the support of the Customs, the international trade business of GDGJE developed steadily during the epidemic period, with a year-on-year growth of 4.2%. GDJGE still help the industry to resume the production and enterprises to solve difficulties with high efficiency, sincere service.
  Afterwards, general manager Li also introduced the series of countermeasures taken by GDGJE during the epidemic to Panyu Customs, and reported the overall plan of GDGJE in international trade innovation in 2020. Among them, the new technology, the application of blockchain in international trade, the innovation of trade pattern and the change of policy environment became the focus of this report and exchange. In particular, the application of new technology and block chain will realize the dynamic supervision and whole-process tracking of the domestic circulation of jewelry and jade commodities. The application of this technology can be extremely in line with the supervision demand of the Customs on jewelry trade, effectively improve the supervision density and intensity, and expand the supervision scope.
  In addition, Panyu Customs and GDGJE discussed the issues such as the appraisal system of jewelry and jade, the shift of consumption tax on high-end watches and valuable jewelry to the back-end in detail. After discussion, Panyu Customs expressed affirmation and support for the anti-epidemic, recovery production and international trade development plan of GDGJE, and proposed to set up a special working group to study and support the development demands and international trade innovation put forward by GDGJE on behalf of the industry and implement the linkage between the Customs department and the professional jewelry elements trading platform. On the premise of improving the supervision efficiency and optimizing the supervision measures, the transformation, Panyu customs will maximize the transformation, upgrading and high-speed development of the jewelry industry, help GDGJE upgrade the platform function and strive for a more convenient policy environment for the industry.


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