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Fight Against COVID-19 with Chow Tai Fook Together


Facing the COVID-19 outbreak extended and exploded around the whole state, every Chinese concerned about situation in every second. Chow Tai Fook Jewellery Company, which is the member of Guangdong Gems and Jade Exchange shoulders essential responsibility for fighting against COVID-19, actively fulfilling the corporate social responsibility and promoting benefits for the state, clients and staffs. Shoring up confidence and strengthening unity have been taken action as mission.
Shoulder Responsibility at Difficult Moment
At the beginning period of the outbreak, Chow Tai Fook Jewellery Company have donated 1 million RMB financial support to Charity Huangpi District, Wuhan. More importantly, after collecting information of series outbreak regions, the company established pertinence founding as10 million RMB for purchasing medical supplies as well as medical equipments,which reflected the corporate social responsibility and resolution of working together with our whole nation.
Take Actions with Science-Based Control and Prevention
In order to ensure safety and protect consumers’ health, the company built up a professional Group of Fighting Against COVID-19 for drawing up measures of control and treatment through daily operation.
The company indicated that all stores must follow guidance issued by Pneumonia Epidemic Prevention and Control Emergency Command of COVID-19 Infection among every provincial government. In addition, medical supplies should be distributed in time, everything ought to be disinfected and maintaining clean. Everyone entering into the stores must take temperature measurement while people with symptoms such as fever and cough must be sent to the designated hospital for treatment immediately. Service-based principle and customer first ensure a safe consumption environment .
Be Human-Oriented and Safety First
Combination of human-oriented principle and safety first are both extremely essential. The company grouped up online and offline pattern in work resumption. With reducing outdoor commute, resume production in an ordered and staggered manner. At the same time, serving of individual dishes, encouraging takeout service and to place dining tables at an interval of distance, also avoid taking dinning during rush hours. Last but not least, to urged all localities to strictly manage risks brought by the increased movement of people and gatherings is human-oriented management.
As much distress regenerating a nation, difficulties are also challenging everyone’s sincere in this battle. Therefore, always fulfilling corporate social responsibility, advocating fight against epidemic, protecting employment development are main contribution of Chow Tai Fook Jewellery Company. If it is said that “Sincerity and Eternity” play an essence role in the enterprise, maintaining quality of products and services are staying true to our founding mission among jewellery industry during this special period.

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